Turn-Around time: We’ll have your Photographs and Hi Def Slideshows ready by 2:00pm, Next Business Day*.
(* in those unusual situations beyond our control like power loss, internet loss, etc. it may take a little longer to get you Photographs)

In today's information age, over 80% of home buyers search for their future home online. Buyers and sellers are becoming increasingly demanding of the marketing that is done on a home. In online shopping, pictures are rated the most important aspect of any listing.

We have the expertise, equipment, and eye for composition to make the property photos stand out from the crowd.

Interested in FREE syndication to 37+ websites? Click here

We deliver ALL Photographs and Files using Download Link to our Dropbox Folder.

Once you receive our email with Download Link, please download entire folder into your computer and save it.

This Link will be active for 30 days.

After 30 days, If you don’t save your files and we have to search for your Photo Shoot and upload your files again, we’ll charge $25 per Photo Shoot.

Every BostonREP Photo Shoot includes:

  1. 1.Up to 30 Photographs in 2 sets: 72dpi set for MLS as well as 300dpi set for Hi Res Printing. (Extended Photo Shoots include up to 45 Photographs for those properties over 4,000 sq. ft.)

  2. 2.Single Property Website - MLS and Branded versions... see example. If other services were also ordered (additional fee apply), our Single Property Website will then include links to our Floor Plans, Aerial Video, Walkthrough Video, etc

  3. 3.“My Other Listings” Website - our newest feature..... we’ll update and maintain at no additional fee Agent Past Photo Shoots that were photographed by BostonREP..... which can save agents lots of time.... and save money... .

  4. 4.Hi Def Slideshow (link from Single Property Website

  5. 5.Hi Def YouTube Photo/Video Tour: We will upload this movie into BostonREPVideo YouTube channel, but we will also include the actual Movie, agent can upload it to their YouTube channel, Facebook, Google+ and other Social Network sites. Please note that YouTube Photo/Video Tours NEVER EXPIRE.... they work for agents for years and listings can be easily found on ANY computer by searching YouTube for agent cell phone number (ex. 508-654-7515)

  6. 6.If there is a cloudy, rainy or overcast day, we’ll replace the sky, so you’ll have a beautiful blue sky on any day

  7. 7.For those properties that have wood burning fireplaces, we can insert a beautiful fire into the fireplace, however we’ll do that only when requested by agent and also agent should make sure that fireplace is in a perfect working condition, so there is no problem with any misrepresentation of the property by the agent.

  8. 8.BostonREP Processing Team spends anywhere from 2.5 to 3.5 hours on every Photo Shoot that we do.... for the highest possible quality Photographs that are second to none.

Before deciding on hiring a Photographer, we strongly advise to check Photographer’s recent and past Photo Shoots. Our Single Property Website that include our Hi Def Slideshows and Hi Def YouTube Photo/Video Tours are included with every Photo Shoot and can be easily found by searching for our Tour Icon on MLSPIN or visiting our YouTube channel BostonREPVideo where we have over a 4 thousand real estate videos.

FREE sky enhancement. See samples - Click here

Find properties photographed by BostonREP by locating our Photo Gallery Tour Icon on MLSPIN.

Virtual Home Staging

Virtual Home Staging - $65 each Photo. Please choose style from our Virtual Staging Catalog. Turn-around 2-3 Business Days.

You can choose from hundreds of different designs using our On-Line Catalog

Please take a look at many examples of our Virtually Staged Rooms and Outdoors

Hi Def Aerial Photography and Videography

Many properties can greatly benefit from Aerial Photography as well as Aerial Videography.

Ocean front, large farms, horse farms, properties that are close to mountains or other interesting areas, which you just can’t see from the ground.... you will see them from 50 ft, 100 ft, 150 ft, 200 ft or even a little bit higher above the ground, however, for safety reasons, we will never fly above 300 ft above the ground.

Just imagine, what the property that you are about to list could look like from air.... we can provide these high resolution photographs.

We will create Hi Def Aerial Videography movie in Vimeo and YouTube and will always include link, so the movie can be downloaded and used for other marketing on agent and company websites, Facebook, Google+ or other social media sites.

Please note that we are FAA Part 107 Certified and licensed to operate Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (Drones) and therefore we are bound by safety and airspace guidelines and restrictions.

Please take a look at just a few examples of what we can do for your listed property - Online Sample

Turn-Around time - by 2:00pm, Next Business Day*.

Floor Plans - Interactive and PDF

We’ll include an Interactive Floor Plan along with PDF versions.  Two print-quality PDF’s (branded with your name, logo, and contact info & non-branded for MLS) and we’ll link both Floor Plans on MLSPIN at no additional charge.

Our goal is to provide crisp, easy-to-understand graphics that serve as a powerful visual support with a superior level of service and satisfaction. - Online Sample

Turn-Around time: - Floor Plans will be ready in 1 to 2 business days.

Zillow Walkthrough Video

Zillow Select Photographers & Videographers

Why Zillow Walkthrough Video?
- Zillow Walkthrough Video is a short, 2 minutes Full Motion Walkthrough Video of the property
- Automatically displayed on Zillow and Trulia
- Priority ranking in Zillow directory
- Listings with Video Walkthrough are sorted to the top of Zillow search results
- Listings with Video Walkthrough are getting more then 2x the page views and saves
- Only a very small % of listings have a Full Motion Walkthrough Video on Zillow and other websites.
Zillow Walkthrough Video is incorporated into BostonREP Property Website, to be visible on MLS Listings when syndicated.

Online Sample

Zillow Walkthrough Video - Starts at only $80.00 (includes MP4 File with Background Music)
The MP4 file can be then uploaded to Any Social Media (Facebook, YouTube, etc, or Business website)

Matterport 3D Virtual Tour (2 Options: Matterport-360 or Matterport-4K)

A Matterport Space is a complete, three-dimensional representation of a real-world location created from 2D (RGB) imagery and 3D data from the Matterport Pro 3D Camera. A Matterport Space can be navigated on a desktop or mobile web browser, and in virtual reality through a Samsung Gear VR, Google Cardboard, or Google Daydream.

Online Sample

Hi Def Walkthrough Full Motion Video Tours

With Video Tour you can show the property you have listed and market to thousands of other agents as well as potential buyers in a very attractive window or a full screen mode.

Video Tour can be viewed on PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, and Android devices.

Real Estate Video Tour can show a true flow of the property as well as emphasize important features that otherwise a static photograph can not show and attract more buyers. -  Online Sample

Agent Real Estate Website by BostonREP

What are Real Estate Agent Websites by BostonREP and what are the costs? 

1. BostonREP can now create a Website for Real Estate Agents that includes  "My Other Listings" Page that will always be updated for every new Photo Shoot done by BostonREP or very soon.... by any Independent BostonREP Real Estate Photographer.

2. Please take a look at a real example of a Real Estate Agent Website that we have created for an agent that we worked with for many years.

(NOTE: this example shows past 4 years of Photo Shoots that were done by BostonREP, which can be added to any new website for an additional fee (details in our last week's email)

3. Basic Real Estate Agent Websites will include up to 5 pages (per our example). 
One-time Design Fee is $350

4. We can add different pages at an additional fee that will be based on the amount of work needed for the additional design.

5. The Annual Hosting Fee for each Website is $300 per year (always paid 1st week of new year..... current year will be prorated)

6. Any small changes to the existing Real Estate Agent website that agent will request, BostonREP will charge a fee of $25, but the fee may increase for changes that require more time.

(BostonREP will keep 3 - 5 years of Properties on "My Other Listings" page)

Example of Real Estate Agent website - "My Listings" page - by BostonREP.

100+ Professionally designed Property Flyers.

Please choose the design that you like the most and just let us know the Flyer number.

  1. 1.Each Real Estate Flyer is Only $50 (We include a Hi Res PDF file and also jpg file, which can be emailed to your clients.)

  2. 2.If the property listing price changes, we’ll change it on the Flyer and will email you new one with correct price at no charge.

  3. 3.If you need to the modify design (FREE 1 time change of photographs or text within 2 days) after 2 days of getting our email, we’ll charge $25 for each Flyer modification).

  4. 4.Please email the exact text and information that you’ll want to have on the Flyer by either filling out our “Schedule Now” Form (on-line Photo Shoot request).

  5. 5.You can click on each flyer below, which will open a PDF Sample Flyer that you can print on your printer, to see what it looks like once it is printed on your printer (each printer may create slightly different results).

Click here to over 100 different styles of our Property Flyers

Property Flyer Request Form

Editing of already created PRESENTATIONS.

After PRESENTATIONS have been created, if any changes are requested, we will charge a fee of $25 for any type of editing like: Background Music, Photo Removal, Changing order of Photographs, Agent or Property Information changes.

Of course we’ll need complete and detailed information of any changes, order of Photos, etc... as if we have to redo Presentations again... we’ll have to charge again our $25 fee.... which we don’t want to do.

IMPORTANT! Please let us know about Music choice, agent information changes, correct address, etc.... before or at the time of a Photo Shoot.

NOTE: Additional fee will apply to custom edits of Photos, cropping, clearing unwanted items from Photos, etc.

Request Form  -  $25 Fee

Onsite Twilight Photography

Photographs are taken on a separate appointment scheduled at the end of the day - $200    (Larger properties add $50)

Virtual Twilight Photos - See Slideshow

Virtual Twilight Photos are taken during the day, then processed from Daylight to Twilight - $50 per Photo.  Additional examples

Appointment changes, Cancellations and No-Show Policies:

If you need to change or cancel your appointment for whatever reason... please give us 48 hours notice.

24-48Hrs Notice of changes/cancellations - No Fee... but we ask min 48 hours notice.

Less than 24 Hours- changes/cancellations - $100 - $150 Fee

Appointment No-Shows - $125 - $175 Fee

(Fee amount varies based on services originally scheduled)


Making Agents look great.... and their listings shine

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Please provide us with the following:

1. Name / Email / Cell   2. Property Address & approx. sq. ft.   3. What service would you like to schedule

4. Preferred day for Photo Shoot   5. Name of your broker/office

Contact ALL BostonREP Photographers with 1 email.