Hi Def YouTube Photo/Video Tours

1. Great Listing Tool.

We use your cell phone number as one of the keywords for this YouTube video, so while on the listing appointment, search YouTube for your number... and all listings for which we have created our Hi Def YouTube Photo/Video Tours should show up immediately. Impress your clients with the First Class presentation you can create for them!

2. Great Marketing Tool.

When you receive the direct link to your Hi Def YouTube Photo/Video Tour and email it to your clients, they will often share it with their family, friends, and neighbors... that's great marketing for you as an agent, as your contact information is displayed in the video's Title and Description.

3. Great Social Media Tool.

Every time we create a Hi Def YouTube Photo/Video Tour for your property, we will also create a Video File which we'll then upload into your Dropbox Folder. You can use it on Facebook, Google +, as well as your or different websites.

4. Great GIFT for Your Homeowners.

Homeowners often have spent many years living in their homes and watching their children and even grandchildren grow up there, so moving away can be very emotional for them. Use the video as a gift that will allow them to revisit over and over again... often years from now.

  1. 5.Great Visibility on YouTube and Google (which owns YouTube).

We live in the Internet age, so having this kind of eye-catching visibility on the Internet/Google/YouTube can prove very valuable.

  1. 6.You can get the Embed code (different size) for use on your site, ads, etc.

Because you have your Hi Def YouTube Photo/Video Tour, you can now get the Embed code directly from YouTube, so you can use it in all kinds of additional advertising or embed it right on you own website.

7. See these Videos on any device.

Hi Def YouTube Photo/Video Tours can be viewed on any device, including cell phone, tablet, PC, Mac, Internet TV, and others.

8. Hi Def YouTube Photo/Video Tours... Never Expire.

We never delete your Hi Def YouTube Photo/Video Tours, and YouTube allows us to keep them there for you forever. You can use these wonderful marketing movies months or years later to impress your future clients with what you have done before and create an incredible portfolio of your past properties that you have been marketing for your other sellers.

9. Pull ALL Properties that we have created a YouTube video for in seconds.

Since we code our Hi Def YouTube Photo/Video Tours with your cell phone number (or other number of your choice), you can pull ALL Listings that we have created YouTube Videos for on any computer. Just go to www.YouTube.com and search for your cell phone number (separated by dashes). This search will show all past listings for which we have created our Hi Def YouTube Photo/Video Tours.

10. We do it ALL for YOU.

You don't need to be knowledgeable about technology, the Internet, or Internet marketing in order to present yourself as a Real Estate Professional who uses Hi Tech tools to market your clients property.

You already know your cell phone number and the YouTube.com website address, the direct link for every Hi Def YouTube Photo/Video Tour to be emailed to your email address.

BostonREP will take care of it ALL for you. 

Please take a look at almost 6,300 Hi Def YouTube Photo/Video Tours that were created for agents in Boston area: 



10 Reasons how Our Hi Def YouTube Photo/Video Tours will benefit you:

(over 6,300 movies created for Real Estate Agents in New England area.)

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