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How to Video Instructions

Agent Panel Overview

The Client Panel is a simple, login-based admin area, where Agents can download tour images, edit the tour (select music, rearrange/hide images, rename the images, add descriptions), edit the flyer and retrieve tour links and embed codes.

Please watch videos below to discover the power

of our NEW BostonREP Interactive Property Websites.

  • Client Panel
  • Downloading Photos
  • Remove, Change Order and Add Photos to Slideshow
  • Changing Music of Interactive Property Website
  • Creating a Property Flyer

Editing Your Tour

There are many edits you are able to make

to your tour. Tutorial video which will go

over many of the edits and changes you are

able to make on your tour.

Request and Download Videos

To download a video of your tour


1. Login to the Client Panel and click on the tour you are downloading the video for

2. Click on the video icon

3. If a video has been created, you"ll see the option to download the branded and/or unbranded video

3. If a video has not been created, you"ll see the option to request a video of the tour. Here you can request for us to create a video version of your tour

How to Edit your Tour for Interactive Property Website?

View and Update the Flyer

To make changes to your flyer

1. Login to the Client Panel and click on the tour you are downloading the video

2. Click on the flyer icon

3. To change images on the flyer, drag and drop the images you'd like to use to the correct location. They will replace the existing image with the new image you've chosen.

4. If you would like to add a description to the flyer, all you'll need to do is type the description text into the flyer text box. Keep in mind that the more words you add, the smaller the font will be.

5. To preview the flyer, save the flyer and than click on "Preview Flyer."

Style A

Style B

Style C

Style D

Style A is the default template, but if you’d prefer Style B, C or D, please let us know and we’ll change it on our system for you.

Customizable high quality printable flyers to fit your needs with 4 awesome templates. All of the property details and agent contact information entered will automatically show up on the flyer. You can select images, modify text and information

to be included and easily change the presentation order.

How to Connect your Interactive Website to your YouTube Account?

YouTube Setup

To setup your YouTube Account: 


1. Login to the Client Panel

2. Click on My Account > YouTube Setup

3. Follow the instructions listed on the page.

You'll start by logging in to your desired

YouTube Account

4. Finally, you'll connect your YouTube account

to the client panel. This will allow us

to automatically send your exported videos

to your YouTube channel. 

All About Statistics

Statistics are a great way to measure how many views your tour is getting. Below are some common questions we get about the stats page


What is Direct Traffic?

Direct traffic in a broad sense, is visitors that came directly to the tour link. This can be include links that were sent out via email, or other untrackable methods.

How do I change how often I get the stats email? 

Let us know! We can send them weekly, monthly, or never. 

Why is my tour not getting many views? 

The biggest culprit of a tour not receiving many views is syndication. Make sure the correct tour links are on all major listing sites. 

How to View and Understand your Tour Statistics for Interactive Property Website?

Downloading Images

To download images from a tour 


1. Login to the Client Panel and click on the tour you are downloading images for

2. Click on the download icon

3. Select the image sizes you'd like to download by checking/unchecking the appropriate boxes. 

4. Click on "Save as Zip File." This will save the images as a zip file in your downloads folder. 

5. If you are on a Mac, your files will automatically unzip. If you are on a PC you will need to unzip your files to access them. To do so, drag the downloaded folder from your downloads folder to your desktop. Doing so will unzip your files for you. 


For more help unzipping your files, watch the video.

How to Download and Unzip your Images on a Mac

for Interactive Property Website?

How to Download and Unzip your Images on a PC

for Interactive Property Website?

3 Easy Ways to Schedule

Please provide us with the following:

1. Name / Email / Cell

2. Property Address & approx. sq. ft.

3. What service would you like to schedule? 

4. Preferred day for Photo Shoot

5. Name of your broker/office