HD Photography

With each Photo Shoot we will include two sets of Photographs. One created for MLS and second one for Hi Res Printing.

Every BostonREP Photo Shoot includes:

If there is a cloudy, rainy or overcast day, we’ll replace the sky, so you’ll have a beautiful blue sky on any day

For those properties that have wood burning fireplaces, we can insert a beautiful fire into
the fireplace, however we’ll do that only when requested
by agent and also agent should make sure that fireplace
is in a perfect working condition, so there is no problem
with any misrepresentation
of the property by the age

BostonREP Processing Team spends anywhere from 2.5 to 3.5 hours on every Photo Shoot that we do for THE HIGHEST possible quality Photographs that are second to none.

Turn-Around time: We’ll have your Projects ready by 2:00pm, Next Business Day*.

(* in those unusual situations beyond our control like power loss, internet loss, etc. it may take a little longer to get you Projects.

Virtual Staging takes 2-3 business days.)

Find properties photographed by BostonREP by locating our Photo Gallery Tour Icon on MLSPIN.

Virtual Twilight Photos - Choose Your Style!

Style #1

Style #2

Style #3

IMPORTANT!!!   When you order Virtual Twilight we’ll need to know:
1. Which Style you choose
2. Which exactly exterior Photograph you’d like us to use for your Virtual Twilight Photo

Onsite Twilight Photos

Photographs are taken on a separate appointment scheduled at the end of the day.

Matterport-4K 3D Virtual Tours

QUALITY: Highest Quality Tours - 4K - like being there

TIME ON SITE: 25 Min Per 1,000 sq. ft.

COST: Standard Matterport Fee (.10 per sq. ft. with min. $250)

FLOOR PLANS: Extra $125 but… 2-3 Days Turn-Around Time, No Interactive Floor Plans, No Edits or Room Renaming

Full Motion Walkthrough Video

Why Full Motion Walkthrough Video?

- Can be Uploaded by Listing the Agent to Zillow and gives Priority ranking in Zillow directory

- Listings with Video Walkthrough are sorted to the top of Zillow search results and are getting

   more then 2x the page views and saves

- Full Motion Walkthrough Video is about 2-5 minutes and will be incorporated into BostonREP 

   Interactive Property Website if ordered along with Photography service and so it is visible on

   MLS Listings when syndicated. You can choose Short, Medium or Long length of video.

NOTE: We can also incorporate Short Aerial Video with Full Motion  Walkthrough Video 

when Short Aerial Video is purchased (Package 4 & Package 5)

Full Motion Walkthrough Video

Short ($80), Standard ($150), Extended ($225)

Video will also be incorporated into Property Websites

Full Motion Walkthrough Video with

Agent Property Introduction (15s) & Ending Remarks (15s)

(Add-on to any Full Motion Walkthrough Video only) - Additional $70

How to upload Full Motion Walkthrough videos to Zillow?

• Download Full Motion Walkthrough Video to your computer. 

• Login to Zillow.com (or Zillow/PA app) with your profile email and password.

• Navigate to the “Agent Hub” and then to your “My Listings” page and click the “Add Video” button.

   Zillow.com Technical Information Page

Music selections EXCLUSIVELY for Full Motion Video (Not available for Interactive Property Website)
Available Background Music page

Please note that we need to get your choice of Music Background (ONLY available for a Full Motion Videos) at the time of Scheduling your Project and once selected it Can NOT be changed or modified.

Floor Plans - PDF 

(Interactive Floor Plans with purchase of our Interactive Property Website)

We’ll include an Interactive Floor Plan (if Interactive Property Website ($25 fee) has been requested along with PDF versions.  Two print-quality PDF’s (branded with your name, logo, and contact info & non-branded for MLS) and we’ll link both Floor Plans on MLSPIN

at no additional charge.

Our goal is to provide crisp, easy-to-understand graphics that serve as a powerful visual support

with a superior level of service and satisfaction.

Turn-around time for Floor Plans is 1 - 2 Business Days
(most of the time we’ll have them done in 1 Business Day)

HD Aerial Photography & Videography

Many properties can greatly benefit from Aerial Photography as well
as Aerial Videography.

Ocean front, large farms, horse farms, properties that are close to mountains
or other interesting areas, which you just can’t see from the ground. You will see them from 50 ft, 100 ft, 150 ft, 200 ft or even a little bit higher above the ground, however,

for safety reasons, we will never fly above 300 ft above the ground. 

Just imagine, what the property that you are about to list could look like from air....

we can provide these high resolution photographs.

We will create Hi Def Aerial Videography movie in Vimeo and YouTube and will always include link, so the movie can be downloaded and used for other marketing on agent and company websites, Facebook, Google+ or other social media sites.

Please note that we are FAA Part 107 Certified and licensed to operate Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (Drones) and therefore we are bound by safety
and airspace guidelines and restrictions.

Turn-Around time - by 2:00pm, Next Business Day.

Property Flyers

3 Easy Ways to Schedule

Please provide us with the following:

1. Name / Email / Cell

2. Property Address & approx. sq. ft.

3. What service would you like to schedule? 

4. Preferred day for Photo Shoot

5. Name of your broker/office